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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  November 4, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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struggling after the phone-maker announced stopping plans to sell itself. [closing bell ringing] the bells ring on wall street. blackberry, smacked down. look how stocks overall finished up. dow jones industrials up by 23 points. s&p 500 seeing a gain of six. nasdaq also higher. look at the russell 2000 a big gainer. adam: time for the front page news. billionaire steve cohen's hedge fund firm sac capital agreeing to plead guilty in a sweeping insider trading settlement with the government the firm will pay $1.2 billion on top of more than 600 million it already paid in penalties to the sec. liz: speaking of penalties johnson & johnson stock declined today after the consumer goods giant agreed to pay 2.2 billion so settle civil and criminal allegation that is it improperly marketed three of its prescription drugs. adam: twitter raising the price range for the ipo later this
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week due to heavy demand. the company expects to sell 73 million shares at 23 to 25 bucks each. that is up from the previous estimate, 17 to $20 a share. liz: we have new economic data out showing u.s. factory orders increased by 1.7% in september. that is in line with expectations, helped by strong aircraft orders. there was a decline of .1 of a percent in the previous month. adam: dallas fed president richard fisher says what he calls ineffective and fiscally irresponsible government has slowed the u.s. economic recovery. he says the government has counteracted the fed stimulus. liz: hsbc geting a boost from its latest earnings report. the global banking giant said earnings surged 2% despite a slowdown in core emerging markets operations. "after the bell" starts right now. liz: well the dow was down earlier this morning. then we see it flip over, what
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do we get today? market action. gary rand is also the chairman, has three ways for investors to play this market. lincoln ellis, green square capital is in the pits of cme. lincoln i will begin with you. another big win for the dow jones transports and another win to the upside for the the overall markets. >> ism number and pmi very much told a global story of expansion continuing the pace. the pace being lower and lower than we're used to in the post-recessionary periods. but very much in line. people are not looking to sell stocks. that means stocks are going to drift higher. adam: gary, let me ask you this where else is anyone going to go? only place you get any kind of return is in equities with all the free money out there. how long can this rally go on? aren't we already over. >> extended? >> it doesn't feel like it is overextended but it feels like
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it is geting a little frothy. finding cheap stocks is becoming more difficult. you hinted a lot of money flowing into the equity markets because there is no better place to put it. in the old days bond market was good alternative for safe money. today that looks like a risky trade. equities are attracting low-risk money and at the first sign of trouble you might see the money leave the markets. liz: lincoln, gary make as point. valuations less expensive ones are getting hard to fine. i remember year ago, adam too, we would see eight, nine, 10 pes on really good companies. now 15, 16, 17. i'm thinking is 11 rich but historically it is not? >> defensive companies gary is talking about, 18 eight to 10 to 14, 15 growth rates it is expensive. what gary points out is actually perfect for investors. they have to be careful that the market structure here when you begin to pull in, taper money
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the equity market. it doesn't like volatility it, doesn't like downside. it will reduce itself quickly and produce air pockets that could exacerbate any downturns. that probably isn't in the cards until march, march of 2014. adam: i pick up on what gary said, as long as there's froth i keep chucking. what should you take a swig of these days? >> could you repeat the question? i had a hard time hearing it. liz: he got totally confused when you brought up the froth. adam: i was talking about beer. what stocks do you see as stocks to take advantage? >> a name we like that was in the news today, weyerhaeuser. weyerhaeuser announced a transaction where they're spinning off the home building division to the shareholders and immediately merging it with tripoint homes controlled by barry sternlicht in a move to unlock shareholder value. remaining company is focused on wood products and fiber.
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we like that as cyclical play. we think that looks cheap. we like am cnet works is another name we like. amc announce ad transaction with troll media to buy international distribution. some recent arguments between time warner cable and some of their content providers illustrates it may be a danger not to be in the distribution and content networks. am cnet works are -- liz: talking about that deal, taking apart that division of weyerhaeuser, weyerhaeuser homes and bringing intoit into tripoint let es weyerhaeuser go free and clear into its core business which still depends very much on a healthy housing market certainly for construction. do you see that going ahead? >> well, i think, at the end of the day most young people, and even older people want to own a
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home. although there has been recent weakness in housing starts i think the housing play has got many years to come, to go and until that changes, at least the american dream changes i think the housing business look pretty good for the long-term. suppliers like weyerhaeuser should do well. adam: lincoln, i want to ask you a question more short term. >> losing my earpiece. adam: if you could hear me, ubs closed up at new 52-week high, $99.90. they are a little optimistic about the holiday season, i would be contrarian that consumer credit, is falling. aren't we getting signals that the consumer falling back going into the shopping buying spree? >> i don't think they will pull back in terms of runway of improvement in jobs and improvement in incomes suggest that people's confidence levels which is indicator that drives that. >> expansion in consumer credit is still very much intact. what happens, adam, after in the
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january time period you get the hangover effect, spending a little too much and they pull back on spending in the first quarter. we always get a little bit of volatility and consumer discretionary space in the first quarter. wantwant to say one thing about gary's home building piece, there is fundamental argument in the household formation neighborhood that really does bode well for home-building stocks but with lumber at an all-time high and jobs really not getting kind of footing it could be some time to come before you see realization of that promise. adam: won't they get, even though lumber is at an all-time high, won't they get a boost that let's get real, mortgage rates will not be climbing until march or possibly june? >> you still have to have high levels of credit scores and people coming back into the housing market and have the household formation people unfor the lately at the bottom of employment rung can't find a job. there is a little bit after structural problem there. liz: lincoln, we'll see you in just a minute for the s&p
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futures close. gary ran, thank you for being with us. >> thank you. adam: prosecutors announced largest-ever insider trading fine against sac capital. will investors evertrust sac capital founder steve cohen with their money ever again? liz: they might not be able to have the chance? have you ever wondered who provides equipment for stadiums like lincoln financial field in philadelphia? adam: we have the question about the sac capital settlement. was the judgment against deceive cohen fair and why? we'll bring you later the answers in the shoaf. ♪ [ male announcer ] what if a small company
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why's that? uh, mark? go get help! i have my reasons. look, you don't have to feel trapped with our raise your rate cd. if our rate on this cd goes up, yours can too. oh that sounds nice. don't feel trapped with the ally raise your rate cd. ally bank. your money needs an ally. adam: moments ago, anadarko petroleum reported third quarter earnings missing on street estimates. we want to head back to nicole petallides on the floor of the new york stock exchange. where was it? was it refining issue we've seen with some other petroleum businesses? >> talk about earnings per share and the focus going forward. forecast for sales going forward is a little light as they cut the top end. let's break it down, start off with what you're seeing the stock is doing. the bid/ask is beneath the close
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at 95.93. bid ask is 93 and change. so it is looking to the downside. shares came in at $1.13 versus 1.16. so that was light. revenue was good. it really also was the forecast going forward. they cut the top end of the 2013 sales volumes forecast that is something that we watched as well. one area that is doing well for them they have seen increased activity is in the delaware basin and that has been very encouraging for them. they're working with six wells production there and that's been a real nice glimpse of hope for anadarko petroleum is, bid ask is one to watch tomorrow. it is never good news when you start to cut the forecast and miss on earnings per share. you put it together and that's why you see the stock trading to the downside, liz and adam. adam: nicole, that u h thank you. liz: we s&p futures about to close in one minute. lincoln ellis is in the pits of
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the cme. a decent move from the dot moving back up from the top. we started lower with the dow jones industrials. what do we look like for tomorrow? >> we've been trading 1750 to 1757 range since the last options expiration. it is very difficult for the market to break itself one way or the other. we have ism non-manufacturing numbers tomorrow. that is the biggest component piece of the u.s. economy. look for employment internals in there we also have production and costs coming out on wednesday. that will give us a sense how the labor force is moving along. you know we're growing to issue $266 billion worth of debt this quarter and on wednesday we'll issue threes, tens and 30s. a lost macro information for the market to digest as we begin the march towards thanksgiving. adam: any predictions, s&p 1800 by the end of the year or better? >> i don't see why not, adam. that is what we were talking
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about earlier and that is it feels very difficult for investors to find any reason to sell with the 10-year sitting at 2.59 and bouncing around between 2.75 and 2.50. as you point out where are you going to go? what are the alternatives? the warehouser spin-off is great idea around that unlocks shareholder value but when you go out and look at the broad market where are you going to put money to work? people aren't selling. >> lincoln, good to see you. >> great to be with you. liz: teach every broadcasting student to keep their mind in focus while bells and ringing and people screaming behind them. adam: a lot of screaming. liz: fascinating to see. thanks, guys. adam: after five years of insider trading allegations sac settles with the justice department for $1.8 billion. while it is a win for the state attorney's office, this case is not over. what does it mean for sac's billionaire founder, steve cohen and the investment community?
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liz: fred tecce is a former federal prosecutor and fred, you've been on before talking about this case and now we have the fine. >> right. liz: in and of itself the department of justice's 1.2 billion fine is the largest for insider trading, and add the sec 600000000 so you're close to 2 billion here. what does it say what effect does it have on the entire hedge fund community as we look ahead? >> one effect it has, it sends a message if you engage with the kind of insider trading that is alleged to be going on at sac the fedding will go after you and you better have a big checkbook to stroke a choke for billion eight. prosecutor sent a message there is new sheriff in town and people are saying attention. adam: this is almost like a parking ticket for steve cohen. the man is worth billions. the let's look at this the company he founded that he ran is pleading guilty to insider
4:16 pm
trading and trading and securities fraud. he keeps his fortune, mostly intact and doesn't go to jail. what is the message sending to the greater community? >> wait, wait. right now he gets to keep a lot of his picassos. what i haven't heard and listening from the get-go a statement from the u.s. attorney's office and justice department that they will not indict him criminally. i heard a comment today that said all active criminal investigations -- adam: what, would they have done it, two guys, they haven't flipped, steinberg, they haven't flipped. they would have indicted him by now, wouldn't they. >> they haven't yet. five, 10, 14 days in jail may change their mind. ultimately there is difference between theory and reality. in theory they could go after him, in reality as you said if they could have they would have done it by now. liz: he has not been banned from the industry yet. the sec case against him which is still outstanding could ban him from the industry opening a
4:17 pm
new fund. he would be only able to investment with himself and sitting there in a basement with a td ameritrade account? whatever it is. that is not -- >> 6 billion by my count. liz: what kind of chilling effect, charlie gasparino believes and said it in the last hour there will be a massive chilling effect on the entire industry because right now these guys get great returns. they get 2 and 20. 2% and then 20% depending how you parse it out. i won't get in the weeds with hedge funds but will their returns now be crimped by compliance costs and fear and frankly that will make them a lot more, sort of focused on making sure they're getting all their information through the correct and legal channels, will it then force investors to say, why am i pay this guy so much to barely beat the s&p? >> well, there is that issue. i think from cohen's perspective for him personally i don't see any investor investing with him going forward. you're on notice at this point, that this guy's returns, i'mi'm
4:18 pm
not saying they were but they may very well have been what the government called a systemic effort to engage in kind of insider trading. now at this point he has to make his money like the rest of the mortals and we'll see what happens. ultimately if the the sec doesn't ban the guy he may establish a reputation as this gets far enough behind him he may ultimately some day to attract people. at this point very dangerous. adam: fred, when preet bharara was talking about no institution being too big to jail, was he bloviating? was he sending a message to somebody? what was that about? >> i have 670 on s.a.t. but i'm not sure what bloviating. on the verbal. liz: on the verbal. >> i love prosecutors make statements nobody is too big, nobody is goliath so big that we can't take them down with a slingshot. those are the great lines for you. when you are the guy that has to go in and get the indictment.
4:19 pm
every case is what it is, if the evidence is there they will get indicted. i don't care if it's a mom-and-pop shot or the biggest bank in the world, if the evidence is there you will get indicted. liz: you don't see this as a witch-hunt? i have only bring that up, some smart people that don't invest with steve cohen, it sure lookings like they have a vendetta against this guy? >> i don't see it as a witch-hunt. i read the indictment pretty carefully. if the government can prove those facts, they were so far off the reservation you need ad visa to get there. personally i think jpmorgan, want to talk about that, i think that's witch-hunt. want to talk about other ones, i would agree with you. in this case looking at the evidence in this case as former federal prosecutor i can tell you these guys gave the government the opportunity to ring their bell and the government took it. liz: fred, quote goes down in history. so far off the reservation you need a visa to get there. thank you very much. fred tecce. >> thanks for having me. liz: former federal prosecutor.
4:20 pm
that that is interesting when he said about jpmorgan. that looks more like a witch-hunt. adam: charlie talked about this because of fdic issues and settings up for bad things in the future. liz: from the nfl and far-flung nations there is a smaller network equipment company determined to beat the big boys like cisco who wire olympic venues. we're talking about extreme networks ceo chuck burger will be here to talk about expansion and sports and a fox business exclusive. adam: the government's health care website still plagued with problems. is the relationship between health insurance companies and the obama administration in jeopardy? we'll go to washington to find out next. ♪ this is the quicksilver cash back card from capital one.
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liz: time for a quick speed read of some of the day's other headlines, five stories one minute. kellogg's will cut 7% of its global workforce with an initiative called project k. kellogg reports another quarterly decline in cereal sales. weyerhaeuser company selling the home building division to tripoint homes for $2.7 billion. the deal will make tripoint one of the largest homebuilders in the u.s. >> global foot traffic in apple stores is growing at a slower pace. growth is thought to be flattening because apple is opening fewer new stores. wall streetf year bonuses by some 20% according to the "new york post"
4:25 pm
the cuts come as industry profits are forecast to decrease as much as one-third from a year ago. google has leaked pictures what it presumed to be the next tablet. the tablet features an eight-inch screen. it will allow them to compete more effectively with the ipad mini which has a 7.9-inch screen that is today's "speed read." i have tried the nexus. it is cool. when you move it horizontally doesn't switch like the ipad. adam: but you can lock the ipad. did you know this? liz: yes, i know that, but i'm just saying -- adam: you don't like to lock it. liz: i want it to go whichever way i want. adam: i will show her in the commercial. problems continue to plague the new federal health care. >> change. that is an understatement as technicians scramble to fix the system's glitches. >> after shutting down the site for 12 hours overthe weekend the administration is now warning of a daily four-hour outage. rich edson joins us in d.c. with the latest.
4:26 pm
rich, is this what it will take to get this thing fixed? >> that's what they say. scheduled outings from 1:00 in the morning to 5:00 in the morning. an unscheduled outing today for 90 minutes according to the administration. firms say it was unexpected. they can perhaps have these types of outages as they try to fix the system. there are more questions whether the administration and president knew that by going to paper applications and using phone calls instead of going to that they actually new it wasn't going to be any faster. these documents were gathered by the house oversight and government reform committee and just release ad short while ago. in their meeting notes from the administration they say we are to instruct navigators to use paper applications rather than go through the call center though 10 days before in meeting notes the administration acknowledged the same portal is used to determine eligibility no matter how the application is submitted. the paper applications allow people to feel like they're moving forward in the process.
4:27 pm
it provides another option, but the at end of the day we're all stuck in the same queue. the question is was the administration misleading? the white house says no. >> there were reports at the time about the fact that was still funnel through which ultimate enrollment would happen but point of call centers was to reduce frustration of individuals having. that is what he said. that is what we are doing. in the meantime, we're busting rocks every day to fix the website. >> reporter: the administration continues to insist they will be ready to go by the end of this month of the back to you. >> thank you, rich edson. liz: yeah. we've got a fox business exclusive with a company that is wiring brazil for the world cup and the oy olympics. more than that, had you invested in this company a year ago you would be up more than 51%. we've got the ceo exclusively on what he's doing to increase shareholder value. adam: also is it time for a makeover from microsoft?
4:28 pm
we'll discuss whether the tech giant may want to consider spinning off some of its profitable businesses as it gets ready to appoint a new ceo. ♪ you really love, what would you do?" ♪ [ woman ] i'd be a writer. [ man ] i'd be a baker. [ woman ] i wanna be a pie maker. [ man ] i wanna be a pilot. [ woman ] i'd be an architect. what if i told you someone could pay you and what if that person were you? ♪ when you think about it, isn't that what retirement should be, paying ourselves to do what we love? ♪ help the gulf when we made recover and learn the gulf, bp from what happened so we could be a better, safer energy company. i can tell you - safety is at the heart of everything we do.
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if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision, or if you have any allergic reactions such as rash, hives, swelling of the lips, tongue or throat, or difficulty breathing or swallowing, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis for daily use and a 30-tablet free trial. adam: time for a look at today's market drivers. stocks ended only slightly higher today as investors weighed uncertainty over exactly
4:31 pm
when the federal reserve would begin to taper. all 10 s&p 500 sectors ended the day higher with energy and telecom the top performers. gold closed higher today for the first time in three sessions. the precious metal gained .1 of a percent settling at $1314 an ounce on a weaker u.s. dollar. natural gas prices fell nearly 2% to settle at the lowest in almost 11 weeks. natural gas was impacted by warmer weather in parts of the united states over the weekend of the liz? liz: extreme networks, this is a company that skyrocketed today. it may have caught your eye because it stuck out like a sore thumb. the technology company gave a strong forecast for second-quarter earnings. due in part to the completed acquisition of tara sis and not only doubled extreme's size but allows it to compete with much larger competitors like cisco and juniper. that's what they do. they do wireless wiring. joining us in a fox business exclusive is extreme networks
4:32 pm
ceo chuck berger. we can show the stock over and over again. if you stretch it out to a year you are up more than 51%. i'm not so interested in the current quarter numbers and the outlook but sometimes those things change but what have you been doing right over the past year to get this kind of return? >> really over the past six months since i joined the company back in may 1st. liz: all you. >> well i wish, i'm happy to say that part of it we've done on the strength of the executive team. we brought a leader from cisco over to run our product development, ed carney. we hired a new general counsel. now with the acquisition of enterasys. we gotten a significant boost in our management team as well. their ceo will be joining us as coo focused on sales and marketing. mostly what we've done the last six months focus on top line to deliver the revenue numbers we were committing to the market and growth for first time. liz: you also fought for new
4:33 pm
business and everything wiring parts of brazil are to the world cup, these are government agency wirings, et cetera, but also, for example, some sports venues like where the philadelphia eagles play, lincoln financial and that could be a great opportunity considering social media is all wireless now and everyone is obsessed with tweeting and instagramming photos of them at the football game. >> we see sports venues being incredibly strong market for us. we provide the wireless for the patriots in gillette stadium. we won award for the lincoln financial field as you point out for the eagles. there are a quite a few nfl teams we have in our sights so we see that as a really big growth opportunity. liz: let me push you here, what about college ball? last night i was watching a profile of alabama and the crimson tide. i could not believe the sell yacht crowds there i used to go to ohio state-michigan games. i thought that was big. this is fanatic. is there opportunity for revenue scream for college ball. >> absolutely.
4:34 pm
some of those arenas are 100,000 plus fan capacity. what the arenas are trying to make the experience in field much richer experience for fans to make them coming to the field as opposed to staying at home watching on the high-def tv. they want to watch another game while watching the live game. all that's possible with a wireless connection. liz: the -- claws of your competitor are out though, chuck. i was in london at the olympics. we covered it for fox sports. cisco was there taking victory laps. you're taking on the big dog, cisco? >> that is what we're doing since we founded the company 20 years ago. we do it with really strong technology. liz: you know what they will do? they will try to acquire you. >> that will be a great. we all have a price. but at the moment we found niches where our technology differentiation is valued by the customer and sometimes they
4:35 pm
don't always want to deal with the big dog because they get better customer service and support for us. the combination makes us the fourth largest vendor in the market. liz: the stock is outperforming cisco. i'm sure that makes you very happy. you're not one of these this, is not a slam, this is compliment, one of these younger whippersnappers seeing running companies with no profits. you have experience. you have were at sun microsystems. i love the resume'. >> not so long ago. liz: back when steve jobs was there. >> it was the first time steve jobs was there. liz: what did you learn from him and the way he operated? >> incredibly intense passion and focus and, always demanding best from people around him. and sometimes, that is hard to, hard to be around, particularly in the first generation of steve. but, he obviously, even in the first generation create ad couple new industries and changed the world very positive way. liz: i just want to clarify something. i always look through a
4:36 pm
company's stats you have no debt? >> that is no longer true. liz: i was going to say, that needed to be updated. i wanted to clarify. >> the acquisition of enterasys was 180 million-dollars acquisition. we funded 100 million with cash off the balance sheet and $100 million in debt. so we're no longer debt-free. >> that is all right. you still have enough cash looks like a little bit of balloon. >> we end up with still 100 million on the balance sheet. liz: are you hiring right now? >> we are. in select areas we're hiring. also the next 12 to 24 months we'll get some synergies out -- liz: are schools churning out enough engineers for what you do? >> never. we have 150 engineers in our location in india and, in chenai, india. we have a large engineering campus in raleigh and salem with the acquisition. engineers.need more and better >> the shingle is out. they need more engineers. chuck, good to see you.
4:37 pm
>> thanks for having me. liz: next time you wire a stadium follow us and we'll follow you through the process. we won't give away industry secrets. don't worry. >> yeah, don't worry. liz: chuck berger, thank you very much. adam, send it over to you. adam: liz claman i know you love the ohio-michigan state games but did ever dot the i? paul allen's investment firm is weighing in on microsoft's next move and suggesting a major shift in business strategy but would it be the right move for the tech giant? we have an awl-star panel ready to weigh in. plus thor the dark world takes the international box office by storm but will it set a new record when it hits u.s. theaters on friday? we have that coming up. ♪
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using data predictively to help power entire cities. so the turbines of today... will power us all... into the future. ♪ into the future. so i can reach ally bank 24/7, but there ar24/7.branches? i'm sorry, i'm just really reluctant to try new things. really? what's wrong with trying new things? look! mommy's new vacuum! (cat screech) you feel that in your muscles? i do... drink water. it's a long story. well, not having branches let's us give you great rates and service. i'd like that. a new way to bank. a better way to save. ally bank. your money needs an ally. adam: so microsoft is getting some blunt advice from vulcan capital. the investment firm founded by paul allen, microsoft's cofound ir. the firm says, microsoft's next
4:41 pm
ceo should consider spinning off the company's consumer businesses but is this best move for microsoft? liz: activist investors, right? joining us the ubs managing director and senior analyst, and todd lowenstein, high mark capital management editor and value equity portfolio manager. high mark capital owns 3.3 million shares. okay, gent, right off the -- brent, right off the bat, are they on to something, are they correct at vulcan to spin off the consumer business at mr. softy? >> i have a lot of respect for vulcan. i don't think spinning off the entire consumer business, i think that is very difficult to do. i think could you spin off elements which would be xbox. separating the consumer and enterprise software business is very difficult thing to do. when you looks at the prosumer side of market. my kids are growing up with
4:42 pm
technology and they will bring that into the work place. so i think the last thing microsoft wants is for apple to get a foothold into the enterprise because they're growing up with apple products. liz: okay. >> so i don't think it is an easy split right down the middle. liz: that is the analyst side. todd, your the investor side. you have a big chunk of microsoft. would you get excited to see something like that happen? >> i think it is an interesting proposition. the impetus is to really shed spotlight on enterprise side of the business. this is the crown jewel of microsoft. when you look under the hood the value resides in the enterprise business. it is 80% of the profitability and it should garner 80% of the valuation. unfortunately it doesn't. it is being obscured by a consumer business which is often times break even or money-losing. as a result microsoft trades at a lower multiple than it should intrinsically, lower than the market, lower than its characteristics as a business and its growth profile. even if this transaction were
4:43 pm
not to occur i think it helps move the conversation forward and maybe change hearts and minds. adam: todd, i have to make the obvious pun here, live long and prosper is what vulcan to do with microsoft but we see this not only playing with giant companies like microsoft, you have dan lobe telling sony to get their act together and maybe split some things apart. xbox, talk about breaking that off, can you have a smaller, stronger microsoft and independent xbox are or whatever you want to call it? i know they were the dominant player for a couple of years but now sony actually beat them in the last quarter. what good would come of that other than short-term gain for an investor? >> i echo the sentiments of your guest earlier, it is increasingly difficult to separate the two after double downing and making a big bet on nokia. the xbox business is a viable business. it is interesting business. $8 billion in revenue. low to mid, high, single-digit
4:44 pm
profits. high install base. they sold 80 million units. this is huge online community. it is viable business, what makes it interesting not just gaming but to use it as a console or set-top box for multimedia for internet access, for social networking, gaming as well as other activities. this is their entry into the household. liz: they have got the new one coming out mid-november. brent, this stock has done just fine with keeping its consumer business under its wing. it is up 33% year-to-date. we find it fascinating the paul allen, the cofounder, whose company vulcan is behind all this? the end is it possible or do you think the new ceo, because we know steve ballmer is leaving, that the new ceo would consider just spinning off what you talk about and that is the xbox business? >> they could. i think the conversation is relevant to really look at the commercial business.
4:45 pm
the xbox business will not move the needle for shareholders at microsoft right now, right? the 60% plus of their business is commercial. it is highly recurring. it grew double digits last quarter. it grew double digits again for the forecast for q2. we think that is probably the most important exercise here is if you look at all the activists gotten in recently, they're looking going, this is totally undiscovered gem on the commercial side. who cares about the other side? at 8 billion out of the 08 plus billion it is very, very small. we've been positive on the stock because we look at that the commercial business. it is highly sticky, multiyear agreement that is renew. it is not going away so, i think this -- brent, i i want to. adam: brent, i have want to ask you a quick question. alan mulally is on liz's program all the time. he is friend of fox business. he is well-respected what he did at boeing as well as ford.
4:46 pm
could he do the same thing as ford at microsoft or is he over his head. >> i think he would be perfect. he was 757 engineer on cockpit. he ran boeing. got to ford, took it basically from bankruptcy. you know, breathed fresh air into that company. spun off assets that were not doing well to taught at that. he has over asset -- tata. liz: todd, quickly, do you agree with brent? >> i he has got huge positives. i think those were just delineated. the thing he lacks being a proven technologist, having strength in technology. a record for change, change agent would be very important too. he could be an interesting choice. i think initially there might be some disappointment not being from the tech ecosystem. he is clearly good manager and proven track record. liz: brent and todd, watching what is happening at microsoft no doubt. the stock is up 30% year-to-date. thank you so much.
4:47 pm
>> thank you. liz: it was a win for "ender's game" over the weekend. hollywood and investors have sights on potentially huge blockbuster, bigger than that, making massive waves overseas. we get to details at the moment. adam: they are the guilded youth of russia's oligarchs and giveing a whole new meaning to up in the air. we'll show you why when we go "off the desk." ♪ customer erin swenson ordered shoes from us online but they didn't fit. customer's not happy, i'm not happy. sales go down, i'm not happy. merch comes back, i'm not happy. use ups. they make returns easy. unhappy customer becomes happy customer. then, repeat customer. easy returns, i'm happy. repeat customers, i'm happy. sales go up, i'm happy. i ordered another pair. i'm happy. (both) i'm happy. i'm happy. happy. happy. happy. happy. happy happy. i love logistics.
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adam: "ender's game" from lion's gate entertainment winning the weekend box office as expected but a bigger victory goes to a guy swinging a very big hammer. liz: dennis kneale, thor didn't even open in the u.s. every kid in america is waiting for this thing. will it be huge? >> i think it will be pretty huge, liz and adam. the real winner this weekend is the disney-marvel sequel to thor. it opened this weekend in 36 markets overseas and raked in almost $110 million. it was the fourth best overseas opening of the year. and it pushed disney's overseas gate up past the $2 billion mark to a new record high with two months of the year still left to go. disney's stock faring pretty
4:52 pm
well the last year. it is up 35% or so. disney is definitely scheduled these marvel sequels so each new flick builds on others. thor sequel coming out after "iron man 3" was out last may which was defacto sequel to the "the avengers" the year before. captain america sequel comes out next year to build momentum for the sequel to the vaning vaning in -- "the avengers." so the early overseas premier the "thor: the dark world, building momentum among teenagers safely ahead of 22nd opening of lions gate audience, the sequel to "hunger games: catching fire." it could anticipate $115 million opening weekend in the u.s. that is one reason lion's gate stock has been on fire. it is up open 100% the past year and up five-fold the past five years. "ender's game" is another sci-fi lion's gate flick. a mere kindling for catching
4:53 pm
fire. "ender's game" took in 28 million. parapunt's hidden camera fpl, "bad grandpa" came in second. "las vegas" grumpy old brat pack, took in third place at 16.5 million bucks. list and adam? liz: i'm excite sod see "thor." i like superhero stuff. adam: you have kids. liz: it makes you feel realistic. adam: lone ranger. >> megaflop would be the phrase there. >> dennis, we're watching it, thankfully you are too. >> okay. thank you, guys. liz: youtube airing. very first video awards but the inaugural suffered from a few unexpected glitches. we get into the details next. ♪ if you've got copd like me,
4:54 pm
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liz: let's go "off the desk." a new generation of the super-rich, buying expensive homes in hollywood and giveing a boost to that, the private jet operators. those hugely wealthy families come from russia, west africa and kazakhstan. they're moving to london and hiring private planes for their travel needs, for their children who, are being educated not in their own countries but in london. they're flying all over the
4:58 pm
world. rental rates for the jets range from 4,000 per hour, adam, to about 16,000 per hour. adam: to quote eddie murphy, what a bargain. first youtube musical awards kicked off sunday night at peer 36 in new york city new york city. they included lady gaga. liz: that is her crying. adam: the winners were voted entirely by fans, unlike grammys and video music awards. the show was unscripted which caused moments of confusion, chaos, nothing new for the artistic set. the screen froze at times and microphones malfunctioned. big winners was eminem, artist of the world and girls generation was video of the year. liz: i love eminem. adam: you love eminem. what is it, 8-mile?
4:59 pm
>> liz: early years. adam: vh-1 after the music. liz: number two things to watch, key earnings from tesla after the bell, look at the company today, up 8% alone. the company is expected to post earnings per share of 11 cents and revenue of 534.6 million. that comes after the bell. t-mobile reports ahead of the bell. we'll break down earnings reports from t-mobile's ceo. he joins us on fox business at 3:00 p.m. eastern. adam: the number one thing to watch tomorrow will be october non-ism manufacturing index. the reading expected to decline to 54 from 54.4. economic activity in the non-manufacturing sector has grown 45 months in a row. liz: we want to show you the markets today. yes, there was green on the screen, not by a long shot but nonetheless what happened today we started lower and some of the major indices, shows resilience once again. once again dow jones transports had a record number here.
5:00 pm
it was the large cap growth names that tended to do extraordinarily well. adam: a lot of people waiting for something to happen. liz: maybe tesla or twitter thursday. "money" with melissa francis is next though. melissa: the jig is up. after a decades-long investigation by the feds, stevie cohen's giant hedge fund, sac capital is going down. it is every man for himself. who will get a life raft? melissa: it is survivor sac style. who is still in, who got out, just in the nick of time? now that a deal's been reached in the landmark insider trading case where does steve cohen and his top players go from here? it is all the word on wall street, let me tell you. with all the


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